The Premier Lender for Arkansas Real Estate Investors

From fishing and hiking to the geothermal wonders of Hot Springs National Park to more urban settings like Little Rock, Fort Smith, and Fayetteville, Arkansas has something to offer everyone.

The versatility in the state’s market is attracting the attention of real estate investors across the country. Arkansas’ real estate market is ranked among the most affordable in the country, and two of its largest cities – Fort Smith and Little Rock – rank as the best cities for renters.

When it’s time to capitalize on the many real estate opportunities Arkansas has to offer, investors turn to a lending partner they can trust. A partner that offers a headache-free lending process.

Lima One Capital is the premier lender for real estate investors. We make it easy to finance all of your fix-and-flip projectsnew construction buildsrental properties, and multifamily investments

From initial conversation to final payoff, you’ll work with our team of in-house experts at Lima One – not an outsourced vendor. Quick and efficient underwriting, closing certainty, competitive interest rates, and flexible loan terms are just a few of the many perks that come with a Lima One partnership.

Each month, we fund deals across Arkansas for investors looking to scale their business. We’re the primary choice for Arkansas real estate investors looking to expand their portfolios, purchase additional properties, or add value to existing investments with rehab construction.

We were founded with the mission to revolutionize the hard money industry, and as our company continues to grow and expand its footprint nationally, we constantly find new ways to pursue that mission.

A Better Choice Than Other Arkansas Hard Money Lenders

Lima One offers some of the industry’s lowest rates, best terms, and more flexibility than other hard money lenders. The best part? You can always count on us to stand by our promise of absolutely no hidden costs or junk fees.

When you partner with Lima One, you’ll notice right away that it’s different than working with a traditional hard money lender.

At Lima One Capital, we believe that customer service is crucial to the investors experience, and we offer best-in-class, premier customer service from the time an application is completed to the time the loan is paid off. 

Our teams of real estate experts are in different regions of Arkansas, and they’re just a phone call away when it’s time for your next real estate investment. They have an impressive knowledge of the state, the regions they’re in, and popular real estate projects – like build to rent and single-family rental communities – popping up across the state. 

Real Estate Investment Loans for Arkansas Investors