Three Advantages of Investing in College Town Rentals

Looking for an exciting new market to invest in and grow your rental property portfolio? A strong area of opportunity for you as a real estate investor are rental properties that are located in college towns. Any time you begin to look into a new market to invest in, you need to explore what the advantages and disadvantages are in that market and where the market is strongest. In this post we will explore three key advantages of owning a rental property in a college town and what college towns present the best opportunities for investors like yourself.

1) Large tenant pool

One of the biggest advantages of owning rental properties in college-towns are the large, continuous pools of tenants. There are usually hundreds and, depending on the college, thousands of students every year who are looking for off-campus housing. As long as your property is well-maintained and in a strong area near the school you shouldn’t have problems renting the property with a large number of potential tenants arriving on campus each year.