Lima One Digest: “3 Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Rentals”, by U.S. News

Viewing Single-Family-Rentals as a safe haven in a volatile market…something U.S. News and our industry have in common. I think we’re all used to the media putting a negative light on the real-estate industry in general, and this year they’re focusing on ‘recession fear’. There are some facts – rates are rising. The general public might be a little light-footed on making the decision to become new home owners. Enter Single-Family-Rental Investments as the light at the end of this media-driven tunnel of fear. When the market is volatile and traditional spending habits and investment strategies natural adjust, seeking long-term capex to insulate risk is a natural motion for real-estate investors.

Increased Rates = difficult affordability predictions for home purchases…..which inversely effects rental occupancy and increases the demand for affordable housing in the rental space.

U.S. News recently published 3 Reasons to Invest in Single-Family  Rentals:

  1. The 2019 Outlook is Strong – There is strong optimism in the industry around leasing demand.
  2. Housing is bolstered by low unemployment – Can you guess the two things driving the momentum? Employment and Interest Rates.
  3. Rental Profiles are Shifting – There is a new normal in the housing market for “a renter buyer profile”.

Read the Full Article by U.S. News here:

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