The Premier Lender for Nebraska Real Estate Investors

When many people think of Nebraska, they think of rolling plains and the cornhuskers on farms as well as the Cornhuskers on the college football field. But Nebraska real estate investors know that the state offers a variety of locales that offer abundant opportunity. From Omaha to Lincoln to smaller cities across the state, real estate investors can find profitable opportunities to invest in buy and hold properties, fix to rent BRRR properties, and more. To maximize this profit, Nebraska real estate investors should work with Lima One Capital.

Lima One offers real estate investors financing for any residential real estate investment strategy:

  • rental portfolios
  • rental properties
  • new construction builds
  • fix and flips
  • stabilized or value-add multifamily complexes

Nebraska real estate investors will get the financing they’re looking for, no matter their investment strategy, while also getting¬†underwriting speed, closing certainty, and exceptional service through the life at the loan. They’ll also get competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, and the best customer experience in the industry. Contact us or click below today to start your next Nebraska real estate investment with Lima One.


A Better Choice Than Other Nebraska Hard Money Lenders

Nebraska real estate investors can’t afford to settle for any hard money lender to finance their fix and flips, rentals, or multifamily. Some hard money lenders just can’t execute a deal and close it when needed. Others retrade loans or hide fees.

Lima One Capital won’t do anything like that. We want to be your financing partner, and we’re as committed to your success as you are. You can trust us to close loans, because we’re a private lender with access to all the capital you need plus an experienced in-house team that will work with you from term sheet quote to line of credit application to underwriting to closing to servicing and construction draws through the life of the loan.

It’s easy to discover how Lima One gets it done. Simply contact us today or click the button above to get started.

Real Estate Investment Loans for Nebraska Investors