The Premier Lender for New Hampshire Real Estate Investors

Best known for picturesque towns like Dover and Portsmouth and for the large stretches of wilderness in the Lion Head Mount Chocorua mountain ranges, New Hampshire has no shortage of beauty and attractions bringing people to the state.

The state’s tourism officials project that more than 3 million tourists visit the state each year, bringing in nearly $2 billion.

The good news for real estate investors is that New Hampshire also offers tremendous opportunities for profitable investments in its largest cities including Manchester, Nashua, and Concord.

No matter where you look to invest in New Hampshire, you can be confident that Lima One Capital is ready to finance your residential real estate investment deal. We offer a full and flexible range of real estate investment loans for any investment strategy:

  • rental portfolios
  • rental properties
  • new construction builds
  • fix and flips
  • stabilized or value-add multifamily complexes

Lima One Capital also offers New Hampshire real estate investors the industry’s best combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and exceptional service through the life at the loan. You can also count on getting competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, and the best customer experience in the industry.

Contact us or click below today to start your next New Hampshire real estate investment with Lima One.

A Better Choice Than Other New Hampshire Hard Money Lenders

Lima One offers some of the industry’s lowest rates, best terms, and more flexibility than other hard money lenders. The best part? You can always count on us to stand by our promise of absolutely no hidden costs or junk fees.

Our teams of real estate experts are in different regions of New Hampshire, and they’re just a phone call away when it’s time for your next real estate investment. They have an impressive knowledge of the state, the regions they’re in, and popular real estate projects – like build to rent and single-family rental communities – popping up across the state. 

Lima One is built differently than other lenders. We were founded with the mission to revolutionize the hard money industry, and we believe that working with real estate investors in Michigan will help us to achieve that mission.

Real Estate Investment Loans for New Hampshire Investors