Renovated Fix and Flip property in the vibrant Philadelphia housing marke

Exploring the Fix and Flip Opportunities in Philadelphia’s Housing Market

The Philadelphia fix and flip market presents lucrative opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the thriving housing market in the city.

Flipping Houses in Philadelphia: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

When real estate investors look at the Philadelphia housing market, they see listings leaving the market in 10 days, median home sale prices rising by $40,000 year-over-year, and sales transactions hitting 10-year highs.

With housing market stats like these, it’s easy to see why Philadelphia’s real estate market – especially the fix and flip market – is on fire. According to data from Attom, Philadelphia ranks sixth among US markets for house flipping, making it an ideal destination for investors seeking profitable fix and flip ventures. Pennsylvania is the second-best state for flipping with four of the top 10 fix and flip markets in the country in 2020.

So, how was the Philadelphia market (which includes Camden, New Jersey, and Wilmington, Delaware) able to position itself as a giant in the fix and flip market? There are several reasons to consider:

  • Homes are spending about 65 days on market (median).
  • Single-family homes in Philadelphia are reaching the median sold price of $315,000.
  • On average homes in Philadelphia are selling for the full asking price.
  • Philadelphia’s housing market transition to a buyer’s market presents favorable conditions for those flipping houses in the city as the current supply of homes are greater than the demand for homes.
  • 40% of the rental units in Philadelphia rent for between $1,001 and $1,500 per month.

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Philadelphia’s housing market continued its remarkable growth trajectory in 2020. County and city offices shut down early in the pandemic, making it impossible to obtain permits for construction. During March and April, just four new construction permits were issued. The year before during that same time, 122 permits were issued. This made inventory even tighter in an already hot market.

But the slow-down was temporary. By August, permits were skyrocketing well past the level they were at before the pandemic. Philadelphia’s growth during the pandemic positioned the city as one of the best areas in the nation for fix and flip investors.

This is huge for investors. Of the 149 U.S. markets with at least one million people, Philadelphia ranked as one of the highest for flipping profitability. Cheaper purchase prices and booming technology have combined to attract several investors to the region.

Strong Rental Appetite Boosts Philadelphia’s Fix and Flip Housing Market

Undoubtedly, Philadelphia has turned into a real estate investor’s city, but, much like Las Vegas, it’s also turned into a renter’s city. The real estate boom is creating a place for renters to flocking to. About 45 percent of the total occupied housing units in the city are renter-occupied.

Of those renters moving into Philadelphia, most of them were younger people who previously lived in other cities, and 53 percent of Philadelphia’s new arrivals were urban dwellers. The average age of the group was 28.

Affordable rent is another huge reason attracting renters to Philadelphia. The average rent is $1,660, which is great for investors. Over the past three years, Philadelphia’s average rent has increased by 8.7 percent above the national average.

The net result is that Philadelphia offers a ripe market for fix and flip investors, ensuring swift property turnover for profitable sales or lucrative rental opportunities. 

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published in February 2021 and has been updated as of May 2024 for comprehensiveness.