The Premier Lender for Arizona Real Estate Investors

Arizona is one of the hottest real estate investment markets in the nation, driven largely by a proliferation of build to rent in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas like Scottsdale, AZ. The new construction craze is driven by a burgeoning population that needs new construction builds, rental properties, and multifamily housing.

As a result, it’s a great time to be a real estate investor in Arizona, and a great time for real estate investors to work with Lima One Capital for their financing needs. Lima One offers a full suite of products designed to fit whatever type of Arizona real estate investment property you want to finance:

  • rental portfolio
  • rental property
  • new construction build
  • fix and flip
  • stabilized or value-add multifamily

Arizona real estate investors choose Lima One for competitive interest rates, a choice of borrower-friendly loan terms, and the best customer experience in the industry. And when they work with Lima One, they discover the industry’s best combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and service through the life at the loan comes at Lima One Capital.  Contact us or click below to start your next Arizona real estate investment with Lima One today.


A Better Choice Than Other Arizona Hard Money Lenders

In a fast-moving real estate investment market, investors cannot afford for Arizona hard money lenders to drop the ball. Retraded loan terms or rates or loans that fall out before the closing table kills deals that leave real estate investors high and dry at a time when major profits are in reach. That’s why real estate investors need the best source of capital–Arizona private lending from Lima One.

Lima One offers Arizona real estate investors a full suite of loan products backed by a team of 200-plus people who are ready to make sure your loan is quoted, underwritten, closed, and serviced in a way that helps you accomplish your real estate goals. It’s the kind of financing that helps you close your next Arizona real estate investment. Start your free Line of Credit borrower underwriting process today and get a taste of the Lima One Capital difference today.

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