Additions to Make Your Fix and Flip Stand Out

Flipping houses is a great way to grow your personal income and revitalize distressed neighborhoods. However in a competitive market it is important to find ways to make your flip stand out in order to sell it quickly and increase your overall profit and return on investment. As a real estate investor, it’s imperative that you separate your flip from every other home that’s on the market. New flooring and paint are great additions to any fix-and-flip project, but what can you add to your flip to catch the eye of potential buyers?

In this post, we’ll explore three additions we recommend to increase your flip’s value and help it stand out above other homes for sale in your market.

1) Smart Home Technology

A popular addition that can help make your flip stand out is smart home technology. Smart home technology allows for homeowners to monitor their security system, thermostat and much more, all from their phone or laptop. These devices are not only stylish but designed to maximize efficiency and security.

Nest, for example, programs their thermostats to learn your preferences and create efficient energy usage based on your unique preferences. When looking to sell your flip, this type of smart home technology is an appealing feature that home buyers often look for in today’s market.

2) High-Quality Appliances

Another big addition you can make to your flip is high-quality appliances. While some homes may be staged with these appliances, including them as a part of the asking price is a big selling point to potential buyers. Popular appliances such as stainless steel refrigerators, dish washers, and washer/dryer units upgrade the overall look and design of a room, add value to the home, and can help you sell the home quickly and at a strong price.

3) Landscape Upgrades

Improving the exterior landscape of your flip increases the overall curb appeal of the property and can help attract more of the right potential buyers. Landscape upgrades can include removing dead trees, reseeding the lawn, and adding mulch. Improving the overall look of the exterior of your property goes a long way towards selling it for what it’s worth after you’ve finished the interior upgrades.

Getting Started

When planning your next fix-and-flip project, consider incorporating these three additions to appeal to today’s savvy home buyer. In today’s market, these additions are what buyers are looking for in a home; if you’re able to incorporate them into your flip, the more likely you’ll be able to sell it quickly.

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