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Lima One Capital is the expert real estate investor’s choice for California fix and flip loans, rental property and rental portfolio loans, multifamily bridge loans, and ground-up construction loans. Each month, we fund millions of dollars in real estate investments across California, and we have proven to be the best real estate investment loan provider for California real estate investors compared to traditional hard money lenders.

Real estate investors in San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego, Palm Springs, Orange County, the Lake Tahoe area, and everywhere else across California choose Lima One Capital as their preferred real estate investment financing partner for private money loans. We provide industry-leading price and leverage options, with exceptional customer service, fast and certain closing, and in-house service throughout the life of the loan.

Lima One Capital is ready to provide the financing and lending options you need for your California:

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A Better Choice Than California Hard Money Lenders

Real estate in California is more expensive than anywhere else in the United States, which means that real estate investors can’t afford to rely on just any lender in California for their real estate financing needs. Lima One Capital provides a sure source of capital as a private lender, so you don’t have to worry about your deal falling out just before the closing table as associated with traditional hard money loans. Our in-house team of underwriters, construction analysts, and servicing experts means you’ll get the best service from quote to close to payoff with any loan from our full product suite of fix and flip loans, rental loans, multifamily bridge loans, and new construction loans.

Trust Our Experienced California Private Money Lenders for Your Real Estate Investment Goals

Our team of experienced California real estate loan experts specializes in the heavy rehab and build to rent projects used in many areas. Whether you’re investing in a Southern California real estate market in cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, as well as the Inland Empire, Orange County, Ventura, the Bay Area or Silicon Valley, our team is prepared to meet your real estate investing needs in California.

California Real Estate Investment Case Studies

Discover how Lima One Capital has helped real estate investors in Los Angeles and throughout California achieve their goals through our comprehensive investment solutions. As one of the most trusted private money lenders in Los Angeles, we provide flexible loan options and a team of experienced experts to help you succeed in the competitive California market unlike conventional hard money lenders. 

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Real Estate Investment Loans for California Investors

At Lima One Capital, we understand the unique challenges that come with real estate investing in California, whether youre in San Diego or anywhere else in the state. Thats why we offer flexible real estate investment loans to help you achieve your investment goals, no matter how big or small.  

Market Insights for California Real Estate Investors

Our team of experts has their pulse on the latest trends and developments in the California market. With our market insights, you’ll have the information you need to make informed decisions about financing for your real estate investments. 

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