The Premier Lender for Fix and Flip Loans in Florida 

When you find excellent opportunities, you need capital to grab them quickly – especially in Florida’s fast-moving real estate market. The right Florida fix and flip loans can help you snag properties and turn them for a profit, and finding the best loans doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Lima One helps real estate investors just like you get the investment capital they need to succeed without hard money loans. Our specialized loan programs, industry expertise, and top-tier service make our fix and flip loans the best instruments for thriving in the Florida market. Contact us below to learn more about our fix and flip loans for your Florida investments. 

Why Lima One is The Best Choice for Florida Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans are specialized, short-term instruments perfect for buying, renovating, and selling fixer-upper or rehab properties. With access to fix and flip loans with reasonable terms, you can have the financial flexibility you need to pounce on opportunities as you find them. 

But because fix and flip loans are short-term, it’s imperative to find the right private lender for your next project. That’s where Lima One comes in. There are lots of reasons why we’re the ideal choice to find the best Florida fix and flip loans. 

Capital Stability 

At Lima One, our capital comes backed by MFA Financial – a large and publicly traded real estate investment trust. That’s capital you can count on, and it’s why you can trust that we’ll have what you need for your upcoming project.   


Vertically Integrated Team 

Lima One’s exceptionally talented and knowledgeable group of analysts and investment experts is one of the best in the industry, and our vertically integrated team handles every detail of your loan from application to payout in-house – no third parties necessary. 


Investor-Based Approval 

We strive to empower Florida fix and flip investors at Lima One. That’s why we base our underwriting approvals on things like investment experience, liquidity, and credit score instead of income and tax returns. More freedom means more chances to stake your claim in the Florida real estate market. 

Relevant Market Insights for Florida Fix and Flip Loans

Making the most of fix and flip loans means grasping the market conditions of your target area. Florida’s house flipping market has unique elements and aspects, and the experts at Lima One can help ensure you’re informed and ready to make the best investment possible. 


Florida Real Estate Market Overview 

The Florida real estate market is characterized by a slight decline in sale quantity, though prices are still high. New home sales are driven by foreign nationals, investors, and retirees looking to move to a sunnier locale. All these house hunters combine to make a healthy, though slowing, real estate market. 

According to Florida realtors, 2023 saw 10.3% fewer closed sales, but the average sale price for single-family homes went up by 2.1%, rising from $562,442 to $573,997. The same is true for townhouses and condos, with average prices rising from $445,305 to $462,890. Put simply, fewer properties are being sold, but those that are selling net their sellers higher profits. 

Other key factors indicate a slowdown in the market, though not enough to infer reduced demand. The 2023 median time to sale increased by nearly 34% compared to 2022, and fewer homes were paid for in cash. For house flippers in Florida, this means: 

  • You’ll need to choose your properties carefully 
  • You’ll also need cash on hand to close a deal at the perfect time since non-cash buyers may be more prevalent and attractive to sellers 

Working with Lima One can ensure you have that cash when you need it. And make no mistake, the Florida market is a great place to hunt for houses to flip. Because the average home price is so high, the potential of finding a property that needs work and turning it for a profit is significant. 


High-Demand Areas for Fix and Flips in Florida 

There are plenty of high-demand areas to explore in the Florida housing market that are ideal for flipping homes. Several metro areas have extremely fast-growing sales prices, including: 

  • Sunny Isles Beach – 147.3% 
  • Lauderhill – 71.7% 
  • Palm Beach Gardens – 41.3% 
  • Doral – 39.5% 
  • Fernandina Beach – 38.5% 
  • Daytona Beach – 31.3% 
  • Jupiter – 26.7% 
  • Gainesville – 26.6% 
  • Fort Lauderdale – 24.2% 

Additionally, some of the most well-known metro areas are prime locations to utilize excellent fix and flip loans. The Miami housing market is strong even in 2024, with the average price per square foot for homes rising. Key West, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville show similar signs of growth and increasing popularity for prospective buyers. Many of these locations remain popular despite inflation and other economic concerns because of tourism and foreign investments. 


Florida Fix and Flip Real Estate Investment Trends 

If you plan to fix and flip in the Florida market, you need to be aware of the most important trends that can impact your investments. 

For example, the rise of remote work has allowed individuals outside of major metro areas like Miami to own properties further from their workplaces, commuting in semi-regularly instead of every day. This may lead to opportunities to fix and flip homes in suburban or satellite cities for metro areas as working professionals seek quality homes away from extremely high priced neighborhoods. 

Florida is seeing increased migration, as well, adding over 1 million net new residents over the last few years. However, climate change may impact coastal areas along the Sunshine State in the next several years. Therefore, it might be wise to fix and flip properties that are somewhat removed from the direct coastline. Savvy investors can look for neighborhoods that may not be peak priced yet but could increase in value if properties closer to the coast are endangered by rising water levels or storms. 

As a real estate investor, the biggest challenges you’ll likely face include: 

  • High competition in this valuable property market 
  • Unpredictable changes in property values over time 
  • Lower cash transactions, which can make home sales take longer than usual 

However, positive trends may fortunately affect your investment plans, such as: 

  • A high average homeownership rate of 66.2% compared to the national homeownership rate of 63.8% 
  • A home appreciation value of approximately 1.22% 

Ultimately, successfully flipping houses in Florida means identifying great opportunities as soon as they arise, grabbing those properties, and turning them quickly to secure the best prices. Since the average cost of housing is rising in Florida, potential buyers may be inclined to close deals rapidly if they find properties worth purchasing. 

Fix and Flip with Loans You Can Count on

You don’t have to rely on hard money lenders or other questionable capital sources to fix and flip profitable properties throughout Florida. Lima One Capital is the perfect private lender for real estate investors just like you thanks to our knowledgeable team and our extensive experience in fix and flips as well as the Florida real estate market. 

With our offering of fix and flip loans for Florida investors, you’ll get the funds you need quickly and be able to maximize your portfolio’s performance in the years to come.  Contact Lima One today to learn more.