The Premier Private Money Lender for Indiana Real Estate Investors

Indiana is known for speed due to its auto racing heritage and for its love of basketball. It’s also known as a great place for residential real estate investors to profit. From flips to SFR portfolios to multifamily properties to new construction, plenty of opportunity is available in Indiana for real estate investors. To seize that profit, Indiana real estate investors need a financing partner they can choose. That means they need Lima One, the nation’s premier private lender for real estate investors unlike traditional hard money lenders.

Lima One Capital is the best financing partner for real estate investors who own, flip, or build properties in Indiana. From the Center City of Indianapolis to university towns of South Bend, Bloomington, and West Lafayette, to Evansville, to Chicago suburbs of Gary, Hammond, and Merrillville, Lima One Capital is ready to finance your next Indiana real estate investment, whether it’s a:

Choose Lima One to get the nation’s premier combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and service through the life at your loan, plus competitive interest rates and flexible, favorable loan terms. Contact us today and discover why Indiana real estate investors choose Lima One Capital for deal after deal.


A Better Choice Than Indiana Hard Money Lenders

Don’t make the mistake of trusting traditional hard money lenders in Indiana for your fix and flip loan or rental portfolio loan. Choose Lima One Capital, a private money lender with certain financing and a professional team. We close more residential real estate investment loans than any other private lender in the country, and we’re ready to get your next deal signed at the closing table.

Discover the difference – get a quote from Lima One today. Click the button above to get started or call 800-390-4212.


Indiana Real Estate Investment Case Studies

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Real Estate Investment Loans for Indiana Investors

Explore the world of Real Estate Investment Loans for Indiana Investors. While hard money lenders might be an option, Lima One stands out as a superior choice. Offering competitive rates, flexible terms, and unparalleled service, Lima One is the go-to for savvy investors seeking profitable real estate opportunities in Indiana.