The Premier Private Lender for Kentucky Real Estate Investors

From Louisville to Lexington, Kentucky is a beautiful place to call home. That means it’s a great place to invest in residential real estate. Lima One Capital is here, ready to help you purchase or refinance your next investment property in Kentucky.

Our experienced team of lenders at Lima One Capital can provide the financing you need for your:

Lima One Capital offers Kentucky investors underwriting speed, closing certainty, and service through the life at your loan, along with competitive interest rates and flexible, favorable loan terms. Contact us today, and discover why Kentucky real estate investors choose Lima One.


A Better Choice Than Kentucky Hard Money Lenders

Don’t fall victim to the trap that hard money lenders unwittingly create. They promise quick closing, great interest rates, or low fees, but can’t deliver a closed loan as advertised. Instead of helping you scale your real estate empire, these hard money lenders end up as a roadblock.

That won’t happen with Lima One Capital. We are transparent, telling you what to expect in terms of cost, loan terms, and timeline. Our in-house team shepherds your loan from start to finish, providing exceptional customer service. And as one of the country’s biggest private money lenders, Lima One has capital available to help you accomplish your goals. Contact us or click the button above, and discover why Lima One is superior to hard money lenders in Kentucky.

Kentucky Real Estate Investment Case Studies

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Real Estate Investment Loans for Kentucky Investors

Unlike hard money lenders, Lima One is the premier choice for real estate investors in Kentucky. We offer tailored financing solutions for a fix and flip, rental, multifamily, and new construction. Learn more about our financing options below.