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Maryland real estate investors may purchase rental portfolios in the city of Baltimore or suburbs of Towson or Columbia. They may need multifamily bridge loans for value-add rehabs near the Beltway in Frederick, Rockville, or Gaithersburg. Or they may do fix and flips or new construction in smaller markets like Annapolis or Hagerstown.

Whatever the real estate investment strategy, real estate investments in Maryland work best with financing from Lima One Capital compared to traditional hard money lenders.

Lima One Capital is the premier Maryland lending partner for your:

With Lima One Capital, Maryland investors will receive the ideal combination of closing certainty, underwriting speed, and service through the life at their loan. Additionally, Lima One also offers competitive interest rates and favorable loan terms, making it a better option than average hard money lenders. Get started on your next Maryland real estate investment property today by clicking the button below, or contact us to start the conversation.


A Better Choice Than OtherMaryland Hard Money Lenders

Real estate investors can’t afford to choose just any hard money lender. While some lenders fail to close for one reason or another, or try to retrade a loan after the quote, Lima One Capital is a reliable partner for Maryland real estate investors.

Trust Lima One Capital: The Best In-House Team of Maryland Private Lenders 

At Lima One Capital, we pride ourselves on having the industry’s best in-house team of sales consultants, appraisal experts, underwriters, loan servicers, and construction management. We have built our processes and trained our team of experts to ensure your loan is successful from submission to closing to payoff. A typical hard money lender can’t come close to the customer service you’ll find at Lima One Capital. Let’s talk about your next Maryland real estate investment property today.

Maryland Real Estate Investment Case Studies

Discover the power of private lending for Maryland real estate investments with Lima One Capital. Our loan options and team of experienced experts have helped investors achieve their goals across the state. Whether you’re in Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, or beyond, rely on Lima One Capital for reliable financing solutions. 

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Real Estate Investment Loans for Maryland Investors in Baltimore

Lima One, a highly reliable real estate lender in Maryland, offers customized loan options that cater to your investment objectives. Unlike conventional hard money lenders, Lima One provides flexible financing solutions that are better aligned with your needs. For more information on our loan options, please refer to the links provided below.