The Premier Lender for Missouri Real Estate Investors

Lima One Capital serves Missouri real estate investors from the eastern Mississippi River border of St. Louis to the western border in Kansas City, and everywhere in between. With a full suite of real estate investment loans, Lima One is the premier choice for people purchasing investment property in Missouri.

Lima One Capital provides financing for:

  • rental portfolios
  • rental properties
  • new construction builds
  • fix and flip projects
  • multifamily bridge loans
  • multifamily value-add projects

Missouri investors can rely on Lima One, knowing they will get underwriting speed, closing certainty, and premier service throughout the life at the loan. Lima One also offers competitive interest rates and flexible, favorable loan terms. Contact us today, and discover why hundreds of Missouri real estate investors trust Lima One Capital.


A Better Choice Than Other Missouri Hard Money Lenders

Not every real estate loan is the same. Many hard money lenders offer loans with high interest rates and fees, hidden terms that cost investors money, and substandard service. You can’t risk your Missouri investment property on this type of loan. Choose transparency, reliability, and certainty by choosing Lima One. 

Lima One closes more loans per year for real estate investors than any other private lender. Our experienced people and established processes give you the peace of mind that your deal will close as expected, with rates and terms that you signed up for in the first place. Don’t waste time with typical hard money lenders. Choose Lima One instead.

Missouri Real Estate Investment Case Studies

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