The Premier Lender for Montana Real Estate Investors

Lima One Capital is the best financing partner for real estate investors who own, flip, or build properties in Montana. We fund more residential real estate investment loans than any other private or hard money lender because of our exceptional in-house team, proven processes, and access to capital.

Whether you’re an investor in Bozeman, Billings, Butte, or elsewhere in Montana, our professional team is ready to get your real estate investment deal done. We offer financing for:

Wherever you invest in Montana or across America, you’ll find the best combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and service through the life at your loan with Lima One Capital, along with competitive interest rates and flexible, favorable loan terms. Contact us today, and discover why Montana real estate investors choose Lima One Capital.


A Better Choice Than Montana Hard Money Lenders

Many hard money lenders in Montana have earned reputations for hidden fees or letting deals fall out before closing. Lima One Capital is different. As a company founded by Marines, we are committed to integrity as we offer financing solutions that help investors build, stabilize, and improve neighborhoods in Montana and nationwide. And because we handle all quotes, underwriting, appraisal reviews, closes, servicing, and construction draws in-house, we can promise Montana real estate investors a customer experience marked by efficiency and professionalism.

Click the button above to get started. From the first interaction to the closing table and beyond, you’ll discover how Lima One gets it done compared to other hard money lenders in Montana. 


Real Estate Investment Loans for Montana Investors

Unlike hard money lenders, Lima One is the premier choice for real estate investors in Montana. We offer tailored financing solutions for a fix and flip, rental, multifamily, and new construction. Learn more about our financing options below.