A Real Estate Investor’s Jackpot: Henderson, NV

When it comes to Nevada real estate investing, Las Vegas has been the belle of the ball. The suburbs of Sin City led the country in SFR investments, with three and four-bedroom single-family homes serving as the most common housing units in the city.

But Las Vegas isn’t Nevada’s only popular real estate market. The Reno market has been growing steadily because of an influx of investors in California securing new construction loans and investing in ground up construction. As single-family rentals have become less affordable, Reno’s multifamily market has exploded.

Nevada’s Hidden Gem

And now Nevada has another city beginning to make some noise.

Henderson, NV is considered one of the best cities for real estate investing. Just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Henderson has been a hot area for both short-term rental and single-family rental properties.

Considering its proximity to Vegas, Henderson’s real estate market is relatively affordable. In November 2022, the median sale price of homes in Henderson was $457,000 – an increase of just 1.7% from November 2021.

It’s worth noting that home sale prices in Henderson dropped an average of $65,900 from April 2022 to November 2022—matching what’s happening in many Western markets.

What does this mean for real estate investors?

Home prices are affordable, creating more opportunities for SFR purchases and buy and hold investments, yet rental rates in Henderson remain high – for local renters and tourists – because of the city’s proximity to the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

That combination has created a great opportunity for investors to profit from new single-family properties and short-term rentals.

New Construction Growth in Henderson

While Nevada’s fix and flip investment market is on the ropes, Henderson has become a great real estate market for investors interested in securing ground-up construction financing and investing in new construction homes. Southern Nevada currently has a 4.8-month housing inventory, which is a massive increase of 463.2% YOY.

Despite the increase in inventory, investors are still looking to build. Cadence, a master planned community and major new construction investment in the area, will include 13,250 residential units, parks, trails, and an urban core with retail and office space upon buildout.

Another indication of the city’s growth can be seen with The Waterfalls, a 22-story project located in a vibrant area of Henderson. This mixed-use multifamily investment will feature 110 hotel rooms and 225 apartments.

And most recently, in November 2022, two real estate firms announced a partnership that will yield a 244-unit multifamily apartment complex while a third firm announced a 25-unit townhouse complex in Henderson.

New Construction Financing for Nevada Investments

Nevada has some of the best real estate markets in the country right now for investments, allowing real estate investors to take advantage of several investment strategies. Whether you’re looking for new construction loans or multifamily loans in Nevada or across the U.S., you need a private lender that can tailor its loan options to fit your strategies.

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