The Premier Private Lender for Oregon Real Estate Investors

From the Portland metro area to the statehouse in Salem to the college towns of Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon is a diverse state with many different types of housing. That means there are many ways for real estate investors to profit.

Whether your Oregon real estate investment strategy is knocking out fix and flips, building a portfolio of single-family rentals, owning multifamily doors in one or more properties, or building homes in new construction, you need a financing partner to help you scale your business and maximize your profit. That’s where Lima One Capital comes in.

Lima One Capital, the leading financing partner for real estate investors who own, flip, or build properties in Oregon, stands head and shoulders above other hard money lenders in terms of our superior capabilities and service. Our experienced team of lenders is ready to finance your:

Oregon real estate investors will discover the best combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and service through the life at your loan at Lima One Capital. Even better, they’ll be able to execute a profitable real estate investment strategy thanks to competitive interest rates and flexible, favorable loan terms. Contact us today, and discover why Oregon real estate investors have learned that Lima One will get it done.


A Better Choice Than Oregon Hard Money Lenders

Many hard money lenders will try to finance your Oregon real estate investment loans, but they’re not all the same. At Lima One, we set ourselves apart as a private lender through transparent terms, professional communication, and reliable service. We close more residential real estate loans than any other private lender in the country because of our people and processes, and we’re ready to give you the premier customer service that you deserve.

Click the button above to get started, or call 800-390-4212. From the first conversation to loan payoff, you’ll discover the difference of working with Lima One.

Oregon Real Estate Investment Case Studies

In this collection of case studies, we delve into the realm of Oregon real estate investments and explore the exceptional capabilities of Lima One Capital as a financing partner. Discover why Lima One Capital is the clear frontrunner as a private  money lender in Oregon.

An infographic of value-add multifamily investing by the numbers in Eugene, OR, financed by Lima One Capital

Real Estate Investment Loans for Oregon Investors

With Lima One Capital, real estate investors in Oregon can access the funds they need to achieve their investment goals and thrive in the dynamic market. Say goodbye to the limitations of other private money lenders in Oregon and embrace the superior capabilities of Lima One Capital.

Market Insights for Oregon Real Estate Investors

With our market insights, investors gain a competitive edge, understanding the dynamics of the Oregon real estate market, including supply and demand, pricing trends, emerging neighborhoods, and investment opportunities. Trust Lima One Capital to be your trusted partner in success.