At Lima One Capital, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients throughout the entire loan process. From initial contact to the completion of the flip, our team of experts is available every step of the way to help our clients succeed.

In this deal, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, a client with no prior experience in Fix and Flip properties purchased a four bedroom/four bathroom property. Because of the pandemic and related supply-chain issues and permitting delays, minimal work was done on the property from August 2020 through June 2021. At that point, Lima One stepped into help. Our team of construction management experts was able to help this client reallocate budgeted construction funds to ensure they could complete the flip. This client was able to turn this property in Florida into a beautiful home and make a profit on their initial flip project.

Lima One has created a fix and flip program that offers flexible terms designed to help investors execute their investment strategies, and we support this premier loan offering with best-in-class service from an in-house team of loan originators, underwriters, loan servicers, and construction management experts.

Fix and Flip Loan By the Numbers