An experienced Hawaii real estate investor was looking to purchase a condo in Honolulu as a fix-and-flip investment. He worked with a West Coast broker to find the best financing option—and that broker led him, of course, to Lima One Capital.

The 80% loan-to-value leverage on the loan allows the investor to purchase the condominium with plenty of potential. With simple cosmetic updates, the investor will be able to improve the after-repair value of the property to $620,000, creating equity that will lead to profit.

Fix-and-Flip Lending Solutions for Investors

Lima One’s easy closing process set both the investor and the broker up for success—so much so that they started the process of the next deal immediately. The investor knows that he’s getting premier financing that gives him the best rates and terms because of his deep experience, while the broker knows that he’s keeping his client happy thanks to Lima One’s commitment to executing deals and in-house servicing and construction management, while protecting his own interests on all future deals thanks to Lima One’s priority on broker protection.

Fix-and-Flip Bridge Loan By The Numbers