Tips for Finding Fix and Flip Properties

Looking for ways to find more fix-and-flip properties? Every real estate investor wants to be able to do more deals but one of the challenges is finding the right properties to flip. Thankfully there are multiple reliable options for real estate investors to take advantage of when looking for their next property. Below are three of those resources that real estate investors can utilize to find their next fix-and-flip project.

  1. Wholesalers
    Wholesalers are a great resource for real estate investors because wholesalers search for and find deals and then send them to real estate investors. A wholesaler will find the seller of a distressed property and then send the property information to a buyer through their network of real estate investors at an appealing price to the investors. If the property fits what the investor wants to do and appears to be a good deal then they will work with the wholesaler to purchase the property.
  2. Auction Websites
    Another great tool for finding investment fix-and-flip properties is through auction websites. These websites provide investors the ability to search through a large inventory of properties from around the country and find the projects that fit their guidelines. Some of these websites include,, and with other websites offering similar services.
  3. The MLS
    Lastly another great option for real estate investors is the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a great tool to search for distressed and foreclosure properties. Investors will be able to search for properties state by state and can search for foreclosures in specific cities within the state as well as foreclosures near the investor.

If you’re an investor in search of your next flip, these resources are a great starting point to find the type of property that you are looking for in your next flip. Utilizing these websites and the connections made through wholesalers gives investors the ability to find more deals and flip more houses!

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