The Premier Private Money Lender for Utah Real Estate Investors

Natural beauty is Utah’s prime calling card, from Bryce Canyon to Arches National Park to countless other natural wonders. The good news for real estate investors is that Utah also offers tremendous opportunities for profitable investments in Salt Lake City and surrounding cities like Sandy, West Jordan, and West Valley City; Provo and Orem in Utah County; and Ogden.

No matter where you look to invest in Utah, you can be confident that Lima One Capital is ready to finance your residential real estate investment deal. We offer a full and flexible range of real estate investment loans for any investment strategy:

Lima One Capital also offers Utah real estate investors the industry’s best combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and exceptional service through the life at the loan. You can count on getting competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, and the best customer experience in the industry. Contact us or click below today to start your next Utah real estate investment with Lima One.


A Better Choice Than Utah Hard Money Lenders

A financing partner is a key part of any real estate investor’s team, and not every hard money lender will fit the bill. You need to make sure your financing partner will quote deals quickly, underwrite them efficiently, and close them when promised, with no surprises at the closing table.

Unlike hard money lenders, Lima One knows how to get deals done. We close more residential real estate investment loans than any other private lender, thanks to our experienced in-house team which ensures your expectations are met every step of the way. Plus, we stay with you after closing, ensuring that your construction draws and loan servicing go just as smoothly as your loan closing did. All this makes Lima One Capital the private money lender with you from end-to-end and a financing partner committed to your success. Contact us today or click the button above to get started, and discover the difference we make for Utah real estate investors.

Real Estate Investment Loans for Utah Investors

Explore Real Estate Investment Loans designed specifically for Utah Investors. While traditional hard money lenders may offer quick financing, Lima One is the  superior alternative as we  provide more comprehensive, flexible, and investor-friendly loan options to help you succeed in your real estate ventures.