Professionally staged living room in a real estate flip that is designed to sell.

3 Tips on Selling Your Flip Quickly Through Effective Staging

You’ve renovated your first fix and flip and now it’s time to sell. What is the best way to sell your flip quickly and obtain a higher profit and return on investment? One thing you can do to sell your flip faster is to stage the home. Staging is a great way to highlight the upgrades you’ve made and give a potential buyer a sense of how they could utilize the space in the home and also envision themselves living in it. Staging is not only great for open houses or walkthroughs but also for photos used in online listings. In this article, we provide three tips you can use to stage your flip and help you sell your property quickly.

1) Rent Furniture

One thing you can do when staging your flip is to rent furniture. Renting furniture is great for utilizing space and allows a potential buyer to envision living in the home. One of the ways you can find high-quality furniture is to rent from a staging company. Staging companies have a good understanding of how to place furniture in a way that will best highlight the upgrades that you’ve made and the right type of furniture to use in each room to sell your fix and flip project. Having the home staged with furniture is also a good idea for online listings and will stand out against other listings in the same market.

2) Create Good Lighting

Whether it’s natural lighting or the lighting from fixtures in the room, creating good lighting in the home is a great way to properly stage the home. Again being able to highlight the changes you made during the renovation of the property is a great selling point to potential buyers. Good lighting is another great feature to include with online listings that can show the new features that you added to the home that may otherwise go unnoticed without good lighting.

3) Avoid Overwhelming Smells

One thing you will want to avoid when staging your home for walkthroughs is an overwhelming smell. This can be a candle, fragrance, or any food you cook that has a strong, overwhelming scent strong. Instead, use subtle fragrances throughout the house that will give it a nice but not overpowering smell for the buyers doing the walkthrough. This is a great option for those who are looking to stage a house on a budget.

There are two parts towards having a successful fix-and-flip investment, the first is the renovation, where you are rehabbing the home and the second is being able to sell the property and attempt to sell it quickly. Both can be managed efficiently by having a plan in place that will help you to move forward with a sound investment. Effectively staging the home goes a long way towards helping you to sell your flip quickly and increase your profits as well as your return on investment.

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