Why Greenville, SC Is the Perfect Home for Lima One Capital

Lima One is proud to be headquartered in Greenville, SC. We believe that our hometown gives us a significant advantage as we serve real estate investors looking for investment property loans across the country, including right here in Greenville, where we have funded multiple new construction, fix and flip, multifamily, and rental property loans.

In a recent interview with the Greenville News, our CEO Jeff Tennyson explained our attachment to Greenville this way: “We find Greenville a terrific city for our 275 employees to work and live and enjoy introducing the city to others who are actively relocating here to join our team. … Downtown Greenville is very special and is what makes Greenville unique and a great place to live/work. There are always activities, great restaurants and a fun energetic vibe when you stroll the streets.”

The appeal of Greenville is vital during the societal trend known as the “Great Resignation.” Recently 60 Minutes visited Greenville in a story on this, to show how many people are moving to Greenville and similar areas as part of this trend. You can watch the 60 Minutes story here.