The Premier Private Lender for Massachusetts Real Estate Investors

The Massachusetts real estate market offers a mix of major-market competitiveness in Boston, suburban rental markets in Cambridge and Newton, and smaller-town living in Worcester, Springfield, and Pittsfield. The variety of locales means that real estate investors have a variety of strategies–from traditional fix and flip projects to value-add rehabs of multifamily properties to amassing single-family rental portfolios.

No matter the real estate investment strategy, Lima One Capital emerges as a superior choice when compared to hard money lenders, establishing itself as ​the best financing partner for Massachusetts real estate investors. As a national private lender, Lima One serves Massachusetts investors in the state as well as other states in New England like Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Lima One Capital is ready to provide the financing you need for your:

You’ll find the best combination of closing certainty, underwriting speed, and service through the life at your loan with Lima One Capital, and you’ll also get competitive interest rates and flexible, favorable loan terms. Contact us today, and discover why Massachusetts real estate investors choose Lima One Capital.


A Better Choice Than Massachusetts Hard Money Lenders

Boston is a hyper-competitive market for real estate investors, and moving quickly is vital whether you’re in Beantown or somewhere else in the state. Investors can’t afford to work with Massachusetts Hard Money Lenders who retrade deals or fail to close.

You don’t have to worry about those issues with Lima One Capital. Our in-house team of sales consultants, loan processors, underwriters, and appraisers are experts in closing your deal quickly and with certainty. Plus, you’ll get the benefits of in-house servicing and construction draws throughout the life of your loan from the Lima One team that you trust. Make the right choice for your next property purchase or refinance — choose Lima One.

Massachusetts Real Estate Investment Case Studies

Explore Massachusetts real estate investment case studies that demonstrate the exceptional benefits of choosing Lima One’s products over traditional hard money loans. Discover how our innovative financing solutions provide greater flexibility, superior terms, and reliable support for your investment journey.

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Real Estate Investment Loans for Massachusetts Investors

Unlock your real estate potential in Massachusetts with Lima One’s investment loans. Our tailored solutions offer competitive rates and flexible terms, designed to help both novice and seasoned investors achieve their property dreams. Turn your investment vision into reality with Lima One.

Market Insights for Massachusetts Real Estate Investors

Stay ahead of the curve by discovering the latest market insights for Massachusetts with Lima One. Our specialized knowledge in real estate investing provides investors with the tools they need to make informed decisions.