The Premier Private Money Lender for Texas Real Estate Investors

Texas is the Lone Star State, but real estate investors in Texas know that taking a Lone Ranger approach won’t help them accomplish their goals to scale their portfolios and grow their profit. Savvy Texas real estate investors need a private money lender that provides the most flexible financing options across all types of residential real estate, with competitive rates and terms and maximum dependability. They know they need a partner like Lima One Capital.

Whether you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or elsewhere in Texas, Lima One has the real estate investment loan you need. We lend on:

Texas real estate investors will find the best combination of underwriting speed, closing certainty, and service through the life at your loan with Lima One Capital. Contact us today, and discover why hundreds of real estate investors in Texas choose Lima One Capital time after time.


A Better Choice Than Texas Hard Money Lenders

Texas hard money lenders normally specialize in one particular area or one particular type of real estate investment loan. But Lima One Capital provides a better choice than your average Texas hard money loan. For one, you’ll get industry-leading rates and terms from Lima One Capital–often better than what a traditional hard money lender in Texas can provide. In addition, Lima One Capital offers in-house underwriting before the loan closes, and in-house servicing and construction or rehab draws throughout the life of the loan. The result is a process you can trust because of a professional team committed to providing exceptional end-to-end service.

Don’t limit your options by choosing a local Texas hard money lender or another private money lender that offers only certain financing options or service. Choose the best real estate financing partner in the nation–Lima One Capital.


Texas Real Estate Investment Case Studies

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